Artist's statement “the ladies”

Over the past 14 years my design career has given me the chance to live around the world. In these places I have seen a fair share of art exhibitions from artists of various disciplines. Many of these shows, especially the more controversial ones, revolved around the desecration of the female figure. It made me think; “Why would someone want to destroy something so wonderfully designed and beautiful?” This inspired me to create “the ladies” in all their beauty, glory, curves and attitude.

The female body as a subject is not new to the art world. My take on the feminine form is focused on sketch-like figures in movement derived from my design background. Bold oil color combinations reflect moods. As women vary in size and shape, so do my canvas sizes. I am a self taught painter, and my style and technique embraces imperfection. These faults are what makes each woman so perfect in life, and on my canvas.


I am continually fascinated by the human body. It is only appropriate that my art and design career revolves around the human body in some form or another. I was trained in apparel, footwear and accessory design at "The Fashion Institute of Technology" in New York. Upon graduation I went on to design apparel, footwear and accessories for Nike, Puma and most recently Reef. I began painting as a hobby; to counter balance creating for the global brands I was working for.

I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, in a quirky all American family where I was the second oldest of five siblings. All of us are gifted in the arts, and we all have capitalized on our individual talents.Our family photo album is a compilation of “National Lampoon” like family vacations throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. My father refused to buy a new car until we were all out of the house, so all of our vacations were spent in what was the Dodge Van equivalent of the Mir space station.

I met my husband, a English gentleman, while living in Germany. We currently reside in San Francisco. Prior to moving to San Francisco I had the experience of being part of American pop culture; I was selected as one of 15 contestants to participate in the Bravo TV reality series “Project Runway.”

Currently, I divide my time between my painting studio and my work as a freelance designer.